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Asendia Blog

The impact of Brexit on international e-commerce

At the end of 2020, the UK will leave the European single market and the European customs union. Whether the exit will take place with a "hard Brexit" or with an agreement after all is not yet certain - in autumn 2020. What impact will Brexit have on you as a cross-border e-commerce retailer? We will tell you!


E-commerce localization: How is it done

Global e-commerce and localization - do they even fit together? Before we answer this question in more detail, we'll ask a new one: What does Localization actually mean in cross-border e-commerce?


Eco-friendly online store: this is how it works!

In this blog we show you how to make your online shop more sustainable. And, by the way, exceed customer expectations by far!


VAT OSS and IOSS from 2021: a huge challenge for the swiss e-commerce

IOSS and OSS in e-commerce: Are you an online retailer and would you like to sell your products abroad carefree even in 2021? Then this blog is a must read! Don't worry, we will keep it short ...


E-Commerce return rate in Switzerland - how to reduce it

The return rate has a direct influence on your costs in e-commerce. Even more complicated is the return handling in cross-border e-commerce. But not only that: Returns from abroad are also much more expensive. Learn how to reduce the returns rate in Switzerland and save cash.


Data quality in e-commerce: using data to optimize your own logistics

Data quality in e-commerce is one of the critical success factors. You should therefore pay very special attention to them. Because they have a direct influence on your profit. We will tell you why here.


Can e-commerce be eco-friendly? Your guide to sustainable logistics.

E-commerce and sustainability - for many a contradiction! For you too? Asendia Switzerland shows you that e-commerce can also be environmentally friendly. This blog provides you with a guide on how to make your logistics more sustainable.


Green e-commerce through sustainable packaging

Sustainability is on everyone's lips today, and has long since ceased to be just a trend. Customers expect sustainability to be taken into account in e-commerce as well. One way of responding to your customer needs is sustainable packaging. In the following blog we give you tips on how you can package your products ecologically and score points with your customers.


How to successfully market logistics and increase KPIs

All online retailers want to improve their KPIs. Whether it’s conversion rate, referrals or repeat business, it is always possible to do more. However, few people know that their logistics and how they promote them can play an important role—particularly when it comes to Swiss trade.