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Simplified customs for a better shopping experience

Do you know your optimisation potential for cross-border e-commerce shipping?

Duties and taxes? That's settled!

Our system makes automated collection of all costs in advance possible, keeping your clients happy.


Everything from one source

Individualised and cleverly thought-out services for your entire shipping process - from your online shop to your customers' doorstep. And back again if you have to.

Data management
Return transport
Return handling

The network of international branches, as well as the combination of fulfiller and carrier into one unit, guarantees you the fastest and most cost-effective fulfillment and pre-collection solution.

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Swiss Post organizes the collection and export customs clearance for you, allowing you to have your shipments picked up or deliver them yourself, without presorting.

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Because fully automated customs clearance takes places during the preliminary collection stage, lengthy customs clearance procedures at the Swiss border are avoided.

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Your goods will be checked in at our logistics hub and the receipt of those goods will be confirmed to customs. At this point, we separate letters and parcels and feed the deliveries into the respective channel.

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LMD = Last-Mile-Delivery: Within 24 hours of handling in our logistics hubs, your shipments are delivered by the Priority Service in either the letter channel or the parcel channel.

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We will take care of the return transport of your shipments to your warehouse in the country of origin, and at the return frequency you choose.

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On the basis of the import data, as part of an automated process we take back the customs clearance of your goods, and reclaim the paid duties and taxes in your favour.

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Our e-commerce returns management tool takes into account your requirements, your wishes for content review and delivers reports tailored to your needs. Destruction of returned goods is also possible.

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FMD = First-Mile-Delivery: We ensure that your returns reach Swiss Post's returns hub quickly and safely. Your customer can print out the return label on demand or you can enclose it with your shipment.

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The Asendia Switzerland Shipping platform integrates numerous logistics solutions. All data for forward logistics, import customs clearance, retu...

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Exporting to Switzerland

Do you want to win new customers in Switzerland with your online shop, or optimise your shipping processes?

What are your goals?

We’ll help you to master all of the critical steps of the mail order business, ensuring your success in international e-commerce

Optimise your shopping experience

Optimise your shopping experience

You can offer your international customers full transparency right from the moment they order. All costs are charged in advance - and customs, taxes and fees are already paid on delivery.

Tapping new markets

We simplify the market entry of your online shop in Switzerland or other European countries with efficient solutions for the delivery process. From fulfillment to delivery and returns, including customs clearance and return transport.

Simplify returns

Your customers can conveniently send their returns to a national address - removing one of the biggest shopping hurdles. You enclose the return label with the shipment or it is printed on demand. We organise the further processing, including reporting tailored to your needs.

Optimised customs clearance process

An automated pre-payment of customs duties speeds up the delivery process, and ensures your customers can take their order at the front door without paying. This also significantly increases the first delivery rate

Decrease costs

We handle parcels and letters up to 2 kg in one process. Small formats can be sent cheaply in the letter channel, saving shipping costs and optimising logistics costs


Global shipments


Network partners


Receiving and delivery points in CH

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in delivery quality

It's so easy to get started with Swiss Post

Personal support from the very first second - for an effortless introduction to your optimal international shipping solution.

Webshop check

We get to know your shop: products, shopping baskets, average weights and formats. Then we will suggest your ideal logistics solution. You choose us? Check ✔️ Continue

IT connection

Our e-commerce integrators connect our systems smoothly. An IT concierge will accompany you to a successful start - free of charge. You also have a sales contact person.


All stakeholders involved in the day-to-day business are introduced to the processes and communications using proven templates

Test run

Before we go live, we will do various test runs, depending on your wishes, so that everything works perfectly at launch.


Ready? Then you can go live, and impress your customers with an all-round positive shopping experience! Let's go!

Personal consultation:

Let's talk!

We want to hear about your unique challenges as an online retailer around shipping processes, shipping logistics and customs clearance. Together, we will quickly discover whether we can simplify and optimise your international business. Choose your preferred date and we'll call you! If you think our services are the right fit for your business, we'll keep in touch.

Patrick Wolf

Business Development E-Commerce Manager

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